What's blocking your path?

Whoever you're pitching to, you'll need to make an impact. A document detailing technical, functional, and business case information makes for some seriously dry reading. Similarly, conveying innovative and complex concepts on paper is near impossible.

We'll build you something tangible. Something you can touch


Idea Development Workshops

This workshop is your opportunity to consolidate an understanding of The Idea and make sure we'll deliver an effective prototype.

This is the event and forum where the first stage of collaboration takes place:

  • It's a brainstorming session
  • All of your idea's features are written on post it notes
  • The features are then discussed to gain a high level understanding
  • The features are organised into themes.

Once a set of themes has been defined, the features are challenged and refined. This is typically done on a whiteboard, mood board or a physical wall.

If something looked good on a post it note but subsequent discussion exposes weakness, no drama. Simply trash it and rewrite with the benefit of your freshly acquired joined up thinking.

At the end of this process, the features will be prioritised within their themes to understand what the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or, indeed, the Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) should look like and how much effort is required to create it.


Mock Ups - Paper & Digital

You may have heard of "mock ups", "story boards" and "wireframes". Historically, these are visual checkpoints of an idea which is developed from sketching on paper.

We initially create paper-based assets and present them back as an output of the Idea Development Workshop for you to "touch and feel". This allows you to give us the first round of feedback on how we are doing with understanding your idea.

We are humans, not machines, and believe in the importance of ideas becoming "tangible".

We are digital and technical professionals who still believe in the value of paper when used in the right way.

If we feel that we have a good grasp of your idea we may save a tree and build the mock ups straight into a digital format so you and your colleagues can start clicking on PDF pages to evaluate our mutual understanding of The Idea.


Dynamic "Living" Prototypes

This is the stage that unlocks the way your idea will work in a digital world.

Through years of experience working with small companies and large global clients, we know how to bring The Idea to life.

It's by creating a dynamic prototype that emulates how the solution will look, work, and interactively behave.

You'll receive a link to web pages which will look like the app you had in mind. It's alive!

If we've got it right, this will be a celebration of key elements of your idea, which will enable you to share it with stakeholders for evaluation and business case support.

And you know what? You can still change it! This is an "advanced sanity checkpoint" to ensure that our interpretation of The Idea is what you and your business really need.

The proven way forward

Our team will work with you to understand the subtleties of your idea, your aims, and the aspirations of your stakeholders. We help you deliver your vision while adding value to your business and hey... why not, earn you a little kudos.

At Elysium, we don't employ sales executives and account directors.

Whereas we can see the value of those roles in many sectors, in our experience the communication between client aspirations and the technical execution of an idea can be diluted by these functions.

Our analysts, project managers and designers are great with tech, and great with people. They listen well and are not afraid to challenge where a risk or an easier way to market is identified.

Credible Assets Supporting Your Business Case

Getting a new idea moving can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. Not only can our methods help your idea to get a foothold but unpicking your idea with our team will doubtlessly refine the concept so that you can present the best version of your thoughts.

Our engaging assets will give you:

The Idea Roadmap with documented and prioritised features.

Digital Mock Ups describing the user interaction and multiple facets of an app.

Dynamic Prototypes that behaves like the actual idea.

Whether you work for an organisation and would like to promote a great idea of yours internally or you are an entrepreneur with the latest app in mind seeking investment and need to show what it will actually look like to prospective financers, we can certainly help you!

Let's talk

We are approachable and easy to talk to. If you have technical questions relating to a business process, or would like to sound us out regarding a new project contact us.

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